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  1. Looks Like I May Accidentally Get Drunk Slab Pad
  2. Doe Wreathe Long Pad
  3. Antler Mount Long Pad
  4. Cocktails Long Pad
  5. On The Hunt Long Pad
  6. Quail Long Pad
  7. Flying Mallard Long Pad
  8. King Marlin Long Pad
  9. Salmon Long Pad
  10. Pheasant Strut Long Pad
  11. When You Love a Cat
  12. Devotions from the Garden: Finding Peace and Rest in Your Hurried Life
  13. When You Love a Dog
  14. You Are My Favorite Person
  15. You're a Grandparent
  16. With Thanks
  17. I Like You More Than...
  18. Why You're 100% Wonderful: A Friendship Fill-In Book
  19. Teacher, I Made You a Book: A Children’s Fill-In Gift Book for Teacher Appreciation
  20. I Wrote a Book About You
  21. Mom, I Wrote a Book About You
  22. If the Whole World Could Know You
  23. Kids Tooth Fairy Kit
  24. Tickle Monster Kids Laughter Kit