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Bath & Spa

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  1. Mixture Shea Bar Soap
  2. Mixture Salt Soak
  3. Mixture Bath Bombs
  4. Sweet Grace Bath Bomb
  5. Wash Your Hands Bubbles Mini Attachment
  6. Musee Wildflowers Bath Balm Jasmine & Vanilla
  7. Musee Dreamweaver Bath Balm
  8. Musee DreamWeaver Bath Soak
  9. Musee Just Breathe Bath Balm
  10. Musee You Are The Best Thing Bath Balm
  11. Musee Forever Young Bath Balm Champagne & Rose
  12. Champagne & Rose Bath Soak (6oz)
  13. Musee Oh What A Night Bath Balm
  14. Musee Oh What A Night Detox Bath Soak
  15. Musee Forever Young Champagne & Rose Bath Salt Soak
  16. Musee Eucalyptus & Mint Bath Soak
  17. Musee Sweet Orange & Sunflower Bath Salt Soak
  18. Musee Wild Flowers Bloom Jasmine & Vanilla Bath Soak
  19. Center Stage- Spotlight Tweezers
  20. Slow Your Roll- Freezable Face Roller
  21. Plot Twist- Microfiber Turbo Towel
  22. Mixture Man Shaving Brush
  23. Mixture Man Hydrating Shaving Soap
  24. Mixture Man Bath Bomb