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  1. Julie Vos Monogram Pendant Necklace
  2. LIZ Hoops in Lilac
  3. LIZ Hoops in Gold/Silver
  4. Amber Jewel Statement Earrings
  5. Wool Embroidered Letter Keychain
  6. LIZ Hoops in Black
  7. LIZ Hoops in Peri Blue
  8. LIZ Hoops in Dark Natural
  9. LIZ Hoops in Hot Pink
  10. LIZ Hoops in Real Red
  11. LIZ Hoops in Kelli Green
  12. Carrot Earrings
  13. Pattern Letter Keychain
  14. Clean Lines Letter Keychain
  15. Natural Dark Bangle
  16. Natural Light Bangle
  17. Black Bangle
  18. LIZ Hoops in Natural Light
  19. LIZ Hoops in Coral
  20. LIZ Hoops in Aqua
  21. Havana Demi Bangle - Gold
  22. Square Hoop Jewel Earrings